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Development History


  • 04.15

    The company has officially put into operation, which is a very historic day in the development of the company.

  • 06.02

    Obtaining the qualification certificate of import and export enterprises has laid a foundation for enterprises to expand overseas markets.

  • 07.29

    Received the first order.

  • 09.04

    Passed the ISO quality management system external audit certification, is the beginning of enterprise standardization management.

  • 10.15

    The company's products were exported to Hong Kong for the first time, and a cylindrical production line was set up according to market needs.

  • 2005

  • 06.01

    Lenovo came to Linglong to visit and guide, and reached a good partnership.

  • 07.12

    Working with Sony Ericsson to provide motors for the company's best-selling Z300 model.

  • 11.05

    The company's relocation of new sites has accelerated the pace of rapid development of enterprises.

  • 2006

  • 07.01

    The independent development of the company's automatic winding machine is a new milestone in Linglong's production technology level.

  • 08.22

    Winning one of the top 52 export enterprises, was awarded the title of "Chongqing High-tech Products Export Base Enterprise" and joined Lifan and Longxin in the list, contributing a lot to making Chon

  • 11.02

    Linglong's market share has ranked among the top three in the domestic mobile phone industry.

  • 2007

  • 01.08

    The company's second three-year development plan has been clearly defined, which further clarifies the development goal of the enterprise - to remain the first in China and strive for the top three in

  • 08.04

    The second phase of production expansion has been carried out, and nearly half of the production scale has been expanded. The monthly production capacity has exceeded 10 million, which has made Linglo

  • 08.01

    The establishment of the first lean production line has greatly mobilized employees'enthusiasm for production, made great breakthroughs in productivity level, and has been rapidly promoted in a short

  • 2008

  • 01.25

    The prelude of process optimization has been opened. Through continuous attempts and process changes, the process optimization work in 2008 has achieved certain results in the way of project system op

  • 03.02

    A technology center has been set up to plan the R&D technology work and trend of each pillar product in order to better satisfy customers and serve the enterprise strategy.